Fabric versus Leather ?

By July 18, 2018Blog

Historically leather with its practicality for cleaning and maintenance – and perceived durability – has been a preferred consumer choice. However, the cost, “coldness” and “stickiness” of leather is a deterrent. The fabric has always been a worthwhile alternative but finding many fabric options that will perform the same has been difficult. However, 15 years ago “Easy Care” fabric came into the market offering a fabric that would withstand everyday spills and stains including some of the worst such as red wine, kids orange juice, biro, texter etc. The range of choice even then was quite limited but today many of those same wonderful attributes have been applied to an enormous range of fabrics and this linked with new fiber milling technology has brought a massive range of new fabrics into the market many of which will outperform leather in terms of durability and maintenance.

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